With the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels, NGOs working here have a key role to play in the European Pellet Loss Coalition.


SeasAtRiskSeas at Risk are an umbrella organisation working in Brussels for protection and restoration of the marine environment across EU waters. Their support has been invaluable to raise awareness of the pellet loss issue with the European Commission, and make sure our data is seen by decision makers.


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Zero Waste Europe works with local communities interested in reducing waste and resource use, to share knowledge and drive change at international policy level. They co-ordinate the ‘break free from plastic’ global coalition on NGOs, calling on policy changes to lead the way to a future free from plastic pollution.


Nurdles found on the Westerschelde in Belgium, Wietze Vos

Pellet Sightings: The Westerschelde is the estuary of the river Scheldt, and spans both the Netherlands and Belgium, with the Belgian port of Antwerp located at its landward edge. Huge quantities of nurdles have been found on both sides of the border. On the left is an image of a highly polluted shoreline taken on the Belgian part of the Westerschelde (photo by W. Vos). 


If you have any further sightings of pellets in Belgium, please report them to our website.