A nurdle spill in Pennsylvania, USA is the latest in a long line of nurdle spills as a result of train derailments to occur in North America, highlighting how nurdles can be lost throughout the global pellet supply chain. 

Large numbers of nurdles are washing up in northern Spain following the loss of shipping containers in December. A tide of nurdles are polluting the beaches of Galicia and Astoria, with fears the spill will spread further and have devastating impact in the region.

Bags of plastic pellets wash up on Sunset Beach (Credit: Gerry Blaksley https://www.instagram.com/gblaksley)

On Saturday 18th February 2023 Dubai’s coastline woke up to a sea of nurdles , with limited information on the scale of this spill, many are askingwhere did they come from, –who was managing their movement, –where were the nurdles travelling to? –who is responsible? How can we stop this happening again? Here’s what we know so far

Fidra are devastated to see Sri Lanka is facing one of its worst marine pollution events to date. This is due to a container ship catching fire last week off the west coast of Sri Lanka. The X- Press Pearl is said to have caught fire due to a leak of nitric acid on board the vessel and has burned for numerous days spilling vast quantities of pre-production plastic pellets (nurdles) and hazardous chemicals into the ocean. The spill has been predicted to cause an unfathomable amount of environmental damage, with dead birds and fish already washing up on the Sri Lanka coastline. We offer our thoughts and condolences to the local communities and organisations who are dealing with the impacts of this event.