Your support for The Great Nurdle Hunt comes in lots of different ways.


The Great Nurdle Hunt would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our volunteer nurdle hunters; from individuals reporting their finds online, to community groups organising local hunts, and organisations promoting our project to their volunteers, we thank all those who have, continue to and plan to contribute to our worldwide picture of nurdle pollution.


Use our nurdle map to see where people have found nurdles across the world.


Our map is not the only place to find information on nurdles and monitoring efforts have taken place in numerous countries by organisations who are also calling for this problem to be addressed. We have been lucky enough to have the support of a number of these organisations who have kindly shared their data with us, and of other organisations worldwide who help to promote The Great Nurdle Hunt, encouraging others to take part and submit data. In some cases we work more closely with our supporting organisations, working together to develop solutions to this globally complex issue.

Below are the logos of organisations who support The Great Nurdle Hunt and continue to submit data to our map.

To find out more about these organisations involved in the nurdle hunt or are actively working on solutions to plastic pellet pollution please see our directory.