Countdown to The Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021 is on!

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What to expect

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt will be going ahead in October this year, from 1st - 31st 2021. 

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The Great Global Nurdle Hunt

Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2020 results

The results are in!

Between the 13-22 March 2020, more than 1000 volunteers from 28 countries, across all 7 continents, took part in the #GreatGlobalNurdleHunt.

During this week long survey, nurdle hunters spent over 1200 hours scouring beaches, coastlines and riverbanks for nurdles. A total of 225 nurdle hunts took place worldwide, with over 65 organisations, groups and businesses helping support this event. 

A huge effort! Thank you to all those wonderful people who were involved. 

The survey clearly showed that industrial plastic pellet pollution is a global problem; nearly 9 out of 10 hunts found nurdles. 23% of those hunts found more than 1000 nurdles and millions estimated in many of the worst spots surveyed.


A selection of photos from the 2020 Great Global Nurdle Hunt:

So what's next?

Fidra and other NGOs internationally are pushing for increased transparency and accountability across the plastics industry, with external checks on best practices where pellets are handled. Certification schemes can be used to verify pellets are being contained and should reach across the whole plastics supply chain. Fidra is working to make sure these systems are as effective as possible, from trialling solutions with the Scottish government and industry close to home, to raising awareness with EU decision-makers and global trade associations.

To support these calls for change, continue to take part in this ongoing citizen science survey, and add your voice and data to our pellet pollution map.


If you have seen nurdles polluting the environment and want to submit data on your finds, please click this button below to submit your results.


We are calling for industry to take responsibility of the pellets they handle, and ensure that effective best practice measures are implemented at all stages of the supply chain where pellets are handled to stop this loss at source.

This is a global problem that calls for globally co-ordinated solutions. From trialing solutions with the Scottish government and industry close to home, to raising awareness with EU decision-makers and global trade associations, Fidra are pushing for solutions that work at an international scale. Evidence from our Global Nurdle Hunt is vital for this work.

Our Nurdle Map has shown that people across the world are finding these plastic pellets washed up on their shores. We want to harness this worldwide engagement, showcase the fantastic work people are doing and illustrate to the global plastics industry that the issue of plastic pellet pollution is widespread.  

We organised The Great Global Nurdle Hunt to encourage people across the world to help us build evidence of the problem. By taking to the beaches and organising nurdle hunts in countries all over th world along meters of coastline, people can help show how big this problem is.

To find out more about the solutions we’re working on, check out our newly updated website.


Photo Credit: Tracey Williams / Lego Lost At Sea


Our The Great Nurdle Hunt project runs all year round. So if you want to do another nurdle hunt or want to take part again at a later date then we encourage you to do so.

Please continue to let us know when and where you find nurdles on your beaches.

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Other things you can do now:

Take part in another Nurdle Hunt as part of our ongoing worldwide plastic pollution survey

Check out our Nurdle Map to see where people have found nurdles so far

Share with your friends, colleagues or contacts.