The Great Nurdle Hunt 2013 - 2023

Over the last 10 years over 20,000 volunteers have taken part in The Great Nurdle Hunt

Since Fidra launched the Great Nurdle Hunt in 2013, 20457 dedicated volunteers have completed over 7,144 verified hunts around the world, collecting vital data, photos and stories from communities impacted The millions of nurdles found from Hawaii to Iceland shows the scale of the nurdle pollution problem and is a collective call for more action from industry and policy makers.

Key Findings from 2013-2023

  • 7144 nurdle hunts worldwide
  • Nurdles have been found on every continent, except the Antartica
  • Over the last 10 years volunteers have continuously hunted for over 1 year and 11 months!
  • 73 Countries have participated
  • 395 Organisations have participated

Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2023 Webinar Series

The webinar series for this years nurdle hunt include the following webinars

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  •  The Social Media Masterclass - aimed at supporting NGO's improve their social media campaigns 

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  • Making an impact - The story of where the great nurdle hunt began, why it matters, why you should take part and how! 

Coming soon

  • The Results (Date to be announced)
  • Using the Great Global Nurdle Hunt Data to communicate the pellet pollution crisis


Join our nurdle network

Thank you to the amazing organisations who participated in the hunt, and to everyone who searched, cleaned and raised awareness about this vital issue. Your efforts are critical in making this microplastic pollution problem more visible, helping to increase pressure on government and industry to step up and end nurdle loss.

Our growing nurdle network allows organisations to share knowledge and expertise on solutions, bringing us all closer to stopping global nurdle pollution for good. In 2022 organisations have been coming together to draw attention to nurdles around the world and prevent further pollution. If you would like to learn more about nurdle pollution and solutions visit our new Nurdle Information Hub for NGOs and community groups: