On Tuesday 23rd April, the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted overwhelmingly in favour (538 votes in favour, 32 against) of new regulation which aims to prevent nurdle pollution from some sources across the EU. This new regulation proposal includes mandatory minimum requirements for companies throughout the nurdle supply chain to prevent nurdle loss to the environment. The passing of this vote is an important step forward in preventing some sources of nurdle pollution in the EU and sets a precedent for action to end nurdle pollution globally through mandatory measures.

However gaps in the new regulation remain, with businesses handling under 1,000 tonnes of nurdles per year (enough nurdles to cover an area the size of the Vatican!) exempt from many mandatory measures. It is important that these loopholes are closed to ensure that all sources of nurdle pollution are addressed. 

Evidence of nurdle pollution across the EU and the world has been documented by volunteers taking part in the Great Nurdle Hunt. The data collected helped to highlight the scale of the issue and supported calls for MEPs and policy makers to take action to address nurdle pollution. Learn how you can help gather important evidence of nurdle pollution as we continue to call for action by taking part!