The Great Mid-Winter Nurdle Hunt - Share your findings!

Welcome to The Great Nurdle Hunt, and many thanks for taking part in our special Mid-Winter Hunt! Please use the form below to report your nurdle hunt and include as much information as possible to describe your find...

The information you gather this weekend will help us show the UK Government that pellets really are found in huge numbers all around UK shores. The data will be added to our existing map of nurdle finds.

FidraThe Great Nurdle Hunt is a project run by Fidra.

This very special nurdle hunt is in collaboration with the following organisations*:
*Please be aware that the nurdle data you submit, along with any pictures of your finds, will be shared among all the participating organisations, as well as being added to our nurdle map. This is critical in helping us show the government that change is needed. NB Your personal data, such as names and contact details, will not be shared.
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