How do they end up at sea?

Spills take place when nurdles are handled or transported. This can happen at any step from the manufacturer through the distribution network to the plastic goods producer.

When uncontained nurdles can find their way into our storm drains and are carried straight out to sea. In the sea they disperse quickly and widely and as a result can be found throughout the world.

Some companies have taken steps to improve the waste management, screening techniques, transportation and handling of nurdles. Many others, mostly unwittingly, continue to pollute our marine environment with nurdles.

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Nurdles can escape from small breaks or holes in the different containers used for their transit
Mesh used to catch debris in runoff water is not fine enough trap nurdles before they get flushed out to sea
Once in the environment nurdles can be blown into our storm drains and watercourses
Most nurdles float and so can be carried by rainwater into storm drains
The sumps in our drainage systems, designed to catch heavier debris, fail to stop floating nurdles which are washed out to sea