The UK at Risk


The UK coastline stretches for tens of thousands of miles and includes everything from rocky shorelines to secluded white, sandy island beaches and bustling harbour ports. There are estimated to be around 39,200 species in the sea around Scotland alone, home to schools of dolphins, colonies of seabirds and even our own coral reefs.


However, the beautiful coasts and the delicate marine environment that surrounds it are under serious threat from plastic litter. In 2016, surveys conducted by the Marine Conservation Society collected over 268,384 items in just one weekend, an average of 649 items per 100m. Almost 1/3 of this rubbish is made up of uncategorised ‘plastic/ polystyrene pieces’; Nurdles make up a significant and often unnoticed part of this tideline of debris.


Fidra is based in Scotland, and started The Great Nurdle Hunt around The Firth of Forth. We have now expanded our work beyond these borders.


Click on the links below to find out more about pellet pollution hot-spots in Scotland and the rest of the UK:


ForthSQ ClydeSQ Southbourne ECSQ


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