The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt - Results and Media Storm!


Wow! As a result of the FANTASTIC efforts of a huge network of citizen scientists around the UK, we had a bit of a media storm at nurdle hunt HQ! Now the dust has settled we have time to review...




You can download a Summary of the following results, along with some lovely pics here:

Results summary button


The results of The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt were released at the end of last week, and can also be seen on our The Great Winter Nurdle Hunt web page:


  • We received reports from 279 hunts, representing at least 600 hunters heading out to their local beaches. 
  • 73% of hunts found nurdles.
  • The largest number of nurdles collected was a whopping 127,500, in Cornwall, by the Widemouth Taskforce beach cleaning group. (let us know if you can compete with that number!)
  • Pellets were found on beaches across the UK, from The Scilly Isles to Shetland.
  • Surprising finds included: A riverbank in inland Yorkshire, and thousands of pellets at the northern tip of Scotland close to Thurso.


What's next? We have been busy looking at all the data available to us, ready to submit to the UK government consultation on microplastics and the microbeads ban. This closes on 28th February, so, if you haven't already, you can submit a response telling them what you think about microplastic pollution in our seas! We will be publishing the full analysis of the survey, and full UK nurdle hunt dataset on this site soon, so watch this space...


In the mean time, we want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our volunteers - it's down to you that the word 'nurdle' is now a part of much of the UK population's vocabulary! Below are just a few examples of resulting news articles.


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Regional press examples:

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