The time has come again for the annual Great Global Nurdle Hunt.

This time, we want it to be even bigger and are calling for people from all corners of the earth to join us in heading to a beach, searching for nurdles and submitting data online.

Last year we had 352 nurdle hunts take place in 34 countries, across all 7 continents. 1200 people gave up more than 1400 hours of their time to search for #nurdles.

Can you help us make it better? You could be part of our worldwide nurdling network by joining in between 13 – 22 March.


What is the Great Global Nurdle Hunt?Photo Credit: Amber A / British Antarctic Survey. A team from the British Antarctic Survey on Adelaide Island, Antarctica, took to the freezing coastline in February 2019 as part of the first Great Global Nurdle Hunt.


The Great Global Nurdle Hunt is an annual event (first run in 2019) which aims to build upon the worldwide engagement around the issue of nurdles. It’s part of our ongoing project, The Great Nurdle Hunt, which runs all year round; where members of the public can head to a beach, look for nurdles and share their findings as part of a worldwide citizen science and data collection project.

Our aim is to end nurdle pollution. Through this project we provide the tools and information so that anyone can contribute to, and build evidence of this, issue.


Why are we asking people to search for nurdles?

Photo Credit: Amber A / British Antarctic Survey

Nurdles are a huge plastic pollution issue, which needs to be stopped at source.

This is a global problem that calls for globally co-ordinated solutions.

By working with individuals and organisations worldwide, we can highlight the extent of nurdle pollution and show that the people care. This global event will build on our work and support calls for effective mitigating action at industry and government levels.

We are calling for industry to take responsibility of the pellets they handle, and ensure that effective best practice measures are implemented at all stages of the supply chain where pellets are handled.

To find out more about the solutions we’re working on, check out our newly updated website.


How do you take part?


  1. Head to our event web page and complete the form to register your interest in taking part

  2. Click attending on our Facebook event

  3. Check out our Nurdle Map to see where people have found nurdles so far

  4. Share with your friends, colleagues or contacts