Results for The 2021 Great Global Nurdle Hunt are released today and are currently being showcased to decision makers at COP26! Access the report here



Irushinie W Parley for the Oceans Sri Lanka 1000found 120mins 23 Volunteers


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the 2021 Great Global Nurdle Hunt. whether you ran an event, encouraged others to take part or were on the beach counting and seiving, you did an incredible job!

The survey revealed the global scale of plastic pellet (nurdle) pollution - 91% of participating countries found nurdles (21 out of 23 participating countries).

So many people sent in fantastic photos and submitted data to our nurdle map, providing evidence of global pellet pollution and that hundreds of people want to see further action.
Please also read and share our new solutions pages summarising and showcasing different approaches to nurdle pollution all around the world.

Key Results:

  • A total of 274 nurdle hunts took place. 
  • 21 out of the 23 participating countries found nurdles.
  • The two countries that didn’t find any nurdles this year (Portugal and UAE) both have found nurdles in previous years. 
  • 925 people took part in the global event this year including 48 organisations, businesses, and community groups from across the world.  
  • A total of 730 volunteer hours were spent hunting – an incredible effort! 
  • 79% of all the 274 hunts that took place found at least 1 nurdle.
  • Four new countries took part this year: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Costa Rica.