Nearly a million nurdles have been collected in just 2 hours by the organisation Good Karma Projects during a nurdle clean up effort in November 2021. This is the highest number of nurdles we have heard of being collected in just a 2 hour period, indicating the severity of nurdle pollution in the Tarragona region. 


Clean up 13 noviembre La Pineda Good Karma Projects 8


A total of 790,000 plastic pellets were collected by 46 volunteers from a 938m2 area of La Pineda beach, Tarragona. 

Good Karma Projects have been documenting and investigating the appearance of plastic pellets on the beaches of Tarragona since 2018. Pellet contamination in the area is recurrent and constant, with Tarragona and Barcelona accounting for over 70% of the plastic manufacturing industry in Spain.In February 2019 Good Karma Projects estimated that there could be up to 90 million pellets on La Pineda beach alone. 

The organisation are currenlty preparing a report summarising the situation in Tarragona to present to the European Commission. Together with Surfrider Europe and other organisations including Fidra, they are calling on the European institutions to urgently adopt legal measures to regulate the activities of the plastic supply chain. To ensure that the entire plastic supply chain implements good practices to limit and stop pellet contamination.

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Clean up 13 noviembre La Pineda Good Karma Projects

Image credits: Good Karma Projects