As part of ambitious new restrictions on microplastic ingredients across Europe, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has proposed that companies handling pellets should report estimates of nurdle spills to the environment, as well as instructions for use and disposal (IFUD) when selling these microplastic particles. While we’re pleased to see pellets being acknowledged as a problem and included in this wider microplastics restriction, we think the proposal can go much further to stop pellets reaching the environment in the first place.

Read our position paper below to find out more on our stance!

Together with the Rethink Plastic Alliance, we have published a briefing calling for the EU to strengthen their reporting and labelling requirements for pellets. We believe our suggestions would go a long way to make sure companies using pellets have best practice in place to stop spills and eliminate pellets escaping into the environment.

Download our new position paper below:

Plastic Pellets Under REACH