In case you missed it, plastic pellet pollution was in the news this weekend. Great to see national media reporting on the issue and raising awarenss of nurdle pollution.


As the second largest source of microplastic pollution in the world, nurdles continue to wash up on coastlines from Cape Town to Canada, the Galapagos Islands to Grangemouth. Key to this information is our world wide team of Nurdle Hunters providing clear evidence of nurdle pollution on our beaches. Thanks again to all those who took part, take part and will be taking part again. 



Check out the article on Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall's new War On Waste programme coming out in the next few weeks. Information from our conversation with The Sunday Times is in the article inclduing data from The Great Nurdle Hunt; enabling the creation of a map showing UK wide polllution.


Another Nurdle Hunt appearance was on BBC Scotland' Landward programme. Catch it here: