The European trade association for plastics producers, Plastics Europe, have released the first public report on Operation Clean Sweep, highlighting the progress the industry association has made over the last couple of years to promote the voluntary scheme to members. 

The fuull report is available to read online HERE, and read the associated press release HERE.


The report highlights positive steps made by industry to ensure zero pellet loss. The trade association has been able to persuade their full steering committee to sign up to OCS, and aim for 100% sign-up of all members by the end of this year, which would cover the majority of producers of plastic pellets across Europe. Examples of best practice in place within facilities show the simple and low-cost steps that can be taken to minimise pellet loss, but also more high tech equipment that has been installed in some facilities. 


At Fidra, we welcome the report and the actions by Plastics Europe and their membership. We look forward to seeing further development of transparent reporting within the industry.

The challenge remains to ensure these best practice measures are in place as standard across the full plastics supply chain.