A Guide to Hunting Nurdles - new film up online!

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Introducing our new Nurdlehunting video how-to guide!

Need a hand hunting for nurdles? Can't quite picture what the little pellets look like? Have you ever wondered whether you've been looking in the right spot? We hope this new film guide will help you answer any remaining questions you have!

Check it out on Fidra's brand-new Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/VTSedYewQE0 - Please share or embed the video on your websites, we'd love as many people to get hooked on nurdle hunting as possible! 


Starring: Martha, Emma, Dylan and Wil alongside Fidra's Clare Cavers, Chloe Wenman and Madeleine Berg.

Filming, editing and animation by Archie Crofton and Francesca Castagnetti of Riverbank design.

Music by Caro Bridges and the River

Location: A sunny, sadly nurdle-rich corner of Gullane beach, East Lothian.

Here are a couple of pictures from our video shoot:

Nurdle filming Archie and Fra2 small

The 131 nurdles we found during our afternoon on the beach.

Nurdle filming Archie and Fra small

Our intrepid camera crew: Archie Crofton and Francesca Castagnetti.


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The Great Nurdle Hunt: A Video Guide. Filming, editing and animation by Riverbank Design. Music by Caro Bridges and the River