Copy of Top 5 actions to reduce Marine Litter

Fidra logo small 1Pellet Loss Prevention highlighted among Top 5 Actions to Reduce Marine Litter


Five actions could cut plastic waste entering the sea by two thirds, say Policy Thinktank The Green Alliance, in a press release today. 


One of these effective policy shifts is the enforcement of Operation Clean Sweep measures to reduce plastic pellet, or nurdle loss. 


You can see the stunning infographics produced by the organisation HERE.



Fidra's Official Response to the Press Release: 


Environmental charity Fidra welcomed new analysis by the Green Alliance showing how ocean plastic can be significantly reduced though action on plastic pellet loss.

Research by Fidra estimated up to 53 billion plastic pellets could be lost to the wider environment in the UK each year (the equivalent of 35 tanker loads of pellets).

Sarah Archer, project manager said:

"Some companies have already shown Operation Clean Sweep to be an effective way to prevent pellet loss into the environment. An effective scheme must be transparent and include everyone handling pellets. Enforcement would be a way of bringing everyone up to that same standard."


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