Microplastics Consultation

FFI MicrobeadsUK Government launches consultation on microbeads and other microplastics


Earlier this year, the UK government committed to banning microbeads from cosmetic products in order to protect the marine environment...


Two days ago, the UK government has opened a consultation, allowing UK citizens to comment on the finer details of this proposed ban. The consultation is open from 20th December 2016 to 28th February 2017.


This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and ensure the ban goes ahead with as broad a scope as possible. By this we mean:


  • Including microplastics within household cleaners, washing powders and other cosmetic items in the ban, that are currently excluded in the draft of the plan. 
  • Ensuring definitions are clear enough to make sure there is no confusion surrounding what is banned, and what isn't.


In addition, the consultation invites evidence about other forms of microplastic debris entering the environment, which gives us all an opportunity to bring the issue of nurdles to the government's attention! So if you are fed up with seeing these pellets on your beaches, here's a chance to let the decision makers know... 


Read more and respond to the consultation here.


(image from Fauna & Flora International)





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