Merry Christmas!

nurdle snowmanA very merry Christmas to all our citizen scientists and supporters, from Fidra, The Great Nurdle Hunt and The Cotton Bud Project!


This year, the nurdle snowman is joined by a starry night of shiny new paper cotton buds! This year has been one of enormous success for The Cotton Bud Project - 


 we have seen 11 major retailers pledge to phase out their plastic stemmed buds for paper. This means that, even if they end up being flushed (they still shouldn't be!), these paper buds can quickly biodegrade and won't add to the tide of plastic sticks littering our shorelines, and harming our sealife. A huge win for the marine environment! It goes to show that persistence can pay off, and things really can change for the better if we put our minds to it.


Can we make 2017 the year that nurdles stop draining into our seas?


With the UK government hot on the tail of microplastics in the environment, now is the time to shout about the nurdles!


As a Christmas present to us, please share news of The Great Nurdle Hunt far and wide. We'll be in touch early in the new year to let you know how you can help us wipe these pesky pollutants from the map.


In the meantime you can...

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Thank you for all your help and support in 2016!


Team Fidra / Nurdlehunt HQ

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