With only one week left to go before 100’s of groups, organisations and individuals hit their local beach to join in the worldwide search for nurdles, we are getting excited!

TGNH_Logo_Global_5.pngWho’s in?

So far, we have had nearly 200 people register events across more than 25 countries. From Scotland to South Africa, USA to UAE, the regular, dedicated nurdle hunters have already signed up. You can check out a map of public events here.

New additions to the map for this year are groups from Algeria, Israel, and Hong Kong amongst others.

Also, we have two, yes two, sailing expeditions which will be collecting data for us too. One will be sailing off the east coast of Australia and the other, eXXpedition - an all women voyage, has just made it to Easter Island; where in 2014 a group of nurdle hunters collected more than 1000 nurdles in an hour, with plenty left on the beach – check out the pin by visiting our nurdle map.

eXXpedition leader Winnie Courtene-Jones said, “eXXpedition Round the World are proud to be supporting the Great Nurdle Hunt during our circumnavigation studying global plastic pollution. We are undertaking nurdle hunts in many of the 30 countries we will be visiting over the next two years.

During a nurdle hunt in the Azores last November, a team of 9 of us found over 400 nurdles in just 30 minutes! It was really staggering as on first glance the sandy beach looked clean and beautiful, it’s only when we got much closer did the abundance of nurdles reveal themselves.”

So, who else is in?


Take Part

To make things easier for you we have put together some key tips and hints.

All you need to tell us is how many nurdles you find, where you found them, how long you were hunting and how many people took part.

  • Head to your chosen location
  • Count and record number of nurdles
  • Record the number of people hunting
  • Record how long you were hunting (minimum 10 minutes)
  • Submit data online

Its that easy!


Bigger and better

Last year we had 352 nurdle hunts take place in 34 countries, across all 7 continents. 1200 people gave up more than 1400 hours of their time to search for #nurdles.

This year we want to make that even bigger!

So, join in between 13 – 22 March, spread the word and help stop plastic pellet pollution!

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