Today we launch the results of our third Great Global Nurdle Hunt with more nurdle hunts, more nurdles and more volunteers taking part than ever before.


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This year we saw an increase in nurdle finds, with 90% of hunts finding nurdles (up from 79% and 87% of hunts finding nurdles in 2021 and 2020) suggesting nurdle pollution could be the rise. These results clearly demonstrate that voluntary efforts by industry are not sufficient in addressing nurdle pollution and stresses the urgency for legislation to stop nurdle pollution once and for all. 


B Coombes The Strandliners 1000 5 vols 120 mins River Cuckmere England

Nurdles amongst other debris, Image taken by nurdle hunt B Coombes whilst nurdle hunting with The Strandliners near the Cuckmere river in England during The Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2022. 


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make the 2022 event our biggest Great Global Nurdle Hunt yet! Supported by 63 organisations and community groups an incredible 1,365 volunteers took part in nurdle hunts between 20th September and 17th October 2022. Totaling 1,383 hours hunting for these tiny plastic pellets (the equivalent of searching for 8 weeks straight!). An amazing achievement.  

Over the 4 weeks, 317 nurdle hunts were completed in 23 countries. Nurdles were found in all but one - Indonesia was the only country to not find nurdles. However, nurdles have been found in previous nurdle hunts carried out in Indonesia earlier in the year. Nurdles were found for the first time in Japan, Oman and South Korea.  


muditha k the pearl protectors 1000 collected 120 mins 200 vol sri lanka 2

Image taken by Muditha K, Coordinator of Sri Lankan based organisation The Pearl Protectors. Throughout the Great Global Nurdle Hunt The Pearl Protectors hosted four nurdle hunts, with 259 volunteers. Across the four hunts, they collected an astonishing 35kg of nurdles. 


Key results: 

  • A total of 317 nurdle hunts.
  • 90% nurdle hunts found at least one nurdle (up from 2021 79% and 2020 87%). 
  • Nurdle hunts took place in 23 countries. Nurdles were found in all but one country - Indonesia. 
  • 1,365 people took part including groups from 63 organisations.
  • 1,383 hours spent nurdle hunting (the equivalent of 8 weeks straight!)
  • An estimated 1.2 million nurdles were found.


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