MAP Supplied by: The Great Nurdle Hunt | Report your own findings here | KEY: map nurdle red = more than 100 nurdles map nurdle org = 30-100 nurdles map nurdle yell = 1-30 nurdles map nurdle green = 0 nurdles champ place marker= OCS champion (find out more)
The Great Nurdle Hunt is run by Fidra an SCIO and Scottish Registered Charity. SCO43895
The Great Nurdle HuntThis map shows the results of The Great Nurdle Hunt – an international citizen science survey aimed at mapping out plastic pellet, or Nurdle pollution on beaches and in the marine environment. By adding to this dataset you will be building up an evidence base that lets us show the plastics industry, regulators and policy makers the scale of the issue, and helps us begin to understand where we find hot-spots of pollution and why. To find out more visit