Nurdles are also a common sight on Italian shores.


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Legambiente is an Italian charity that has carried out citizen science beach monitoring all around the country from 2014-2016. 

The results are available on this interactive map online. Nurdles were included in this monitoring from 2016, with levels of pollution estimated as light, moderate, or hot-spot. Pellets were also found within inland fresh water lakes in Northern Italy. Major hot-spots include the mouth of the river Adige, in the municipality of Veneto, Italy, and the coastline of Tuscany.


All these finds have now been added to our nurdle map - please note the key for these finds is different due to a different sampling method used:


map nurdle green= 0 pellets, map nurdle yell= few pellets observed, map nurdle org= many pellets observed, map nurdle red= Hot-spot